Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Homemade Flour Tortilla Recipe In a Bread Machine

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The taste of these flour tortillas is amazing!  My boys love the flavor of these versus others I have made in the past.  There is NO lard in this recipe.   I doubled the recipe for a recipe I needed.  Try to roll them as thin as possible, as the baking powder will make them expand.  I rolled the rest in wax paper & stored in the fridge.  The leftovers tasted just fine, when I reheated them inside the wax paper.  They tasted very good.  (Note, the pictures are of the recipe doubled.  While the recipe is NOT doubled.)

This recipe is from Easy Frugal Living.

3/4 cup warm milk
2 tsp veg oil
2 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt

In the bread machine, use the dough cycle.  Apply all the wet ingredients first & then the dry.  

Let it keep mixing until a nice ball, add more flour or water if needed.

Allow the dough to rise for about 30 minutes, keeping the lid closed; do not turn off the machine.  When done, take dough out of machine & place on floured counter top.  Divide ball in half & in half, & in half & in half, until you have 8 sections.

Flatten each ball. Roll out ball from the middle out in one direction, dusting with flour to keep from sticking.  Turn 1/4. Roll again from the middle out in one direction. Turn 1/4. Continue in this manner, until you've reached the desired thickness, about 8" in diameter.

Place tortilla on a warmed dry skillet.

Heat until dough starts puffing up, a little & flip.  (I use tongs to do this.)  Cooking time is for about 3 minutes total, for the two sides.  While one is cooking, I am rolling out another. (Just remember to flip the tortilla on the stove while rolling out a new one.) By the time one tortilla is rolled out, the tortilla on the stove is done.  Keep tortillas warm until ready to use.  Store tortillas in fridge rolled in wax paper to reheat in microwave or aluminum foil to reheat in oven.  Makes 8 tortillas.

I've heard that a tortilla press makes the rolling out process easier....opinions?

I think these are best in a casserole vs rolled up as a burrito or a wrap....


  1. I make these all the time and they are great! I was wondering if you can make the dough ahead of time, roll them out and stick them in the frig for the next day?

    1. My mom does it all the time. Use flour between each tortilla so they don't stick or use small squares of non stick paper in between each one.

    2. Yes, use small squares of non stick paper between each one.

  2. I have not tried to make them ahead of time, but I'd think it'd be just fine. I'm glad you have found something you like!!! :)

  3. I realize this is an old post but I was just wondering if I could use bread flour instead of regular flour?


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