Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Make Your Own Green Chilies

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2-18-12 Revised:  Everyone likes a better way to do things, without any pain.  From my experience, chop the raw peppers first, and then cook or steam.  There is no tears and no burning.  Or steam them first, and then chop, and don't touch your face!
With the skyrocketing prices at the grocery stores, I have opted to make my own groceries.  With some extra time, I can make it cheaper than what is sold on the shelves.  I have prepped just about all 43 pounds of produce bought, all that's left are the silly poblano peppers.  The peppers have been steamed, I just need to chop them up & portion them into 1/3 cup freezer bags, with some water.

I think I just need to get it done, careful to NOT touch my face, or it WILL burn!  Earlier this summer, I touched my eye, about an hour after doing the peppers, & was in pain from the pepper oil burning my eye! (I thought I had thoroughly washed my hands when I was done.  lol)  It took some time for me to not cry from the pain...I'm such a cry-baby. :)

When you pick them out, look for a firm pepper with a glossy sheen.  Mine look kinda wrinkly, but they are fine.  They are mild sweeter in flavor, and a bit hotter than Anaheims, according to The Cook's Thesaurus.

Once the seeds are out, I like to put them in a twisted up baggie (without a twist-tie) and poke a hole in it, hit the Baked Potato button on the microwave, cooking for about 7 minutes?  

Watch out for the steam!  Let them cool before you start chopping them up  and portioning them into freezer bags.  Don't forget to label & date!  

My first experience messing with these poblano peppers was a couple years ago at a public farm here in town, where you pick your own produce, Miller Farms.  I roasted the peppers in my oven, but didn't get the results I really wanted.  But, I am very happy with the results in my microwave.  I'd love to go back to Miller Farms, but it's about a 2 hour drive, one way, and is a full days work picking the food to bring home! (Today would've been a great day to do that with the temperatures in the 70's.)  Gotta keep in mind, I have NO room in my freezers, otherwise I'd go!~

A little can at the grocery store is about $.79.  I've been making them fresh for over a year now.  They are sold by the pound; I think I got these for as low as $.64/lb at the Mexican grocery store in town.  I have seen them as high as $2.99/lb at a regular grocery store.  I love having them in many different things, like Chicken Spaghetti, Simmered Salsa, Taco Meat, etc.

I have yet to try making Chili Rellenos.  That would be a hit in my house!  It would be cheaper than buying at On The Border, but could I make them as good as there?! YUMMMM!

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