Sunday, September 11, 2011

Make Your Own Tomatoes

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Fresh tomatoes taste amazing in recipes.  We all know that fresh/frozen is the best way to go & canned is the least favored to go, concerning the nutrients sealed in the veggies.  

With the tomatoes, I diced them up, added some water & a bit of salt.  Let them simmer on the stove for a bit.  The steam does most of the work.  This 9x13 pan is just one of the big bowls of cooked diced tomatoes that I got for $.49/lb.  The stores are selling 14.5 oz cans of diced tomatoes for $.60+/can.  However, with some loss leaders, I can get the cans for $.49.  They are portioned into 1 1/2 cup freezer bags.  Don't forget to label and date.  Last year, they sold for $.39/lb, fresh.

If you are not yielding a bountiful harvest for tomatoes, try shaking the steams, to get the pollen flowing.  They are a self-pollinating plant, but sometimes need a bit of help.  We had an issue with our homemade tomatoes earlier in the season, but read that if you shake them, little tomatoes will spring's true.  We have 16 baby tomatoes on 2 plants.  Plan to plant more next year upside down.   This is the first year, with many failed attempts in the past, to be eating fresh homemade tomatoes we grew!

Health Benefits for Tomatoes

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