Thursday, August 18, 2011

43 Pounds!

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So, here's my new project to blanch, cut, portion, & freeze.  The good thing is, I won't have to do all of it at once.  The onions can wait a little bit.  The poblano peppers probably need to be first on my list.  I buy fresh green chilies & portion them in place of a can of green chilies.  So much cheaper than buying a can.  I buy poblano peppers by the pound.  I think I paid $.69/lb for these peppers.

I love to use fresh tomatoes in my cooking.  I make simmered salsa (like Pace picante) & spaghetti sauce.  Last year, I paid $.39/lb.  This year, it looks like $.49/lb is the going rate.  I will dice, cook, & portion into freezer bags.

(I'm gonna need to get more freezer bags!  I don't think 40-45 is going to be enough....)

The onions, I got them for $.25/lb.  I got 12 lbs.  I plan to make some "Durkee" french fried onions for green bean casserole later, & have some diced up in the freezer.

I'm loving the fresh green beans & broccoli.  I just did a nice stash in my freezer, but evidently not enough.  Got the broccoli @ $.59/lb & green beans $.85/lb.  

I love shopping @ my Mexican grocery store.  It would be even better if all this came from my garden!  But, we started off the growing season a little late this year.  In May, it was still cold!   Last night, I counted 15 tomatoes on my 2 plants & 2 bell peppers.  With the heat we are having today, my bell peppers are lovin' it & are growing quite a bit in my container!  Hope your garden is going good!


  1. I am also a Dave Ramsey fan!! Found the post for this blog on the Frugal Living forum. I love fresh veggies or freezer items much more than purchased can food. I love to cook, but could always use new recipes or sharpen my skills. Good luck with your blog - I will definitely be following you!! Cinda

  2. Thank you, Cinda! KV is a good friend! I have learned much from her! I love to find new recipes to please my family to make frugally & stay out of a rut. :)


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