Monday, August 15, 2011

Italian Chicken/Steak Marinade

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We love tender, juicy, and full-of-flavor grilled chicken.  Making grilled Italian chicken is a staple in our kitchen.  A favorite marinade that is inexpensive, is to use a bottle of Italian dressing for either chicken or steak.

To ensure even cooking throughout the meat, I like to butterfly-cut the chicken, first, as it will cut down on cooking time.  Then, let the meat soak up the dressing for at least an hour before grilling.  Just save some of the dressing for drizzling on the meat afterwards.

To have prepared meat on hand, already cooked, is ideal for any busy cook.  Usually, I have my husband grill many pounds of meat at once, to save time and propane.  Grill the meat on high, to get the grill marks, then on medium/medium-high heat, until thoroughly cooked through.

To save money on meat and waste, I like to slice the meat first, before it hits the table for a meal.  I use my kitchen scissors to slice it quickly.  Once off the grill, just let the meat cool some before slicing; it keeps the juices locked in.  Then, drizzle the extra dressing to the meat to seal in the flavor, before serving.

Sometimes, I'll add a little bit more dressing and some water for the leftovers to keep moist when reheated.  I portion each freezer bag with 2 cups of cooked meat.  One bag = one meal.  Label each bag and date it.

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