Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

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Football season is here.  These spicy jalapenos are a nice "bite." 

1-2 lbs jalapenos
8 oz shredded cheese
8 oz cream cheese
1 1/2 cup milk
Italian bread crumbs or plain

A few weeks ago, I believe I got these jalapenos on sale for $.50/lb.  To prep, just cut off the stem, slice in half, and cut out the inside.  To get all the seeds out, I let them soak in some water.

Slice in half.

Mix the two cheeses together.  It will be stiff.

Stuff filling inside each of the prepared jalapenos.

Dip each stuffed jalapeno into milk and then into the flour and let dry a few minutes.  (I started out with a cup of flour and added more flour as needed.) 

Then, do the same with the bread crumbs until fully coated and let dry.  I used my homemade seasoned bread crumbs with garlic salt and Italian seasoning.  

For best results, freeze for about 15-30 minutes, until cream cheese is slightly hardened, or it will ooze in the hot oil.

Heat oil over medium heat.  Gently drop each battered jalapeno into the hot oil.  Cook about a minute on each side, until browned golden.

Let cool on paper towels.  Great with ranch dressing.

This recipe has been adapted from Best Ever Jalapeno Poppers Recipe.

Husband's Note:  Less cream cheese and more shredded cheese for the filling.  Very yummy and ~SPICY!~

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