Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bottled Water In Lunches

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Back when I used to only have one or two in school to make lunches for, I used to buy Carpi Suns pretty often.  But, when I had four in school, the cost per a lunch started going up.  They also started getting older & needed more fluids to keep from being dehydrated.  I started to notice how much fluid ounces is actually in one of those Capri Suns compared to a bottle of water.

So, there is MORE fluid ounces in a bottle of water vs a Capri Sun.  But, I still needed the cost of their drink to not be expensive.  I KNOW that water is healthier than a Capri Sun.  I KNOW that water in a regular water bottle that I can wash out is cheaper than buying a 24 pack of bottled water.  But, after loosing some bought water bottles & what-not, it is more convenient for me to just buy the 24 packs.  They are able to refill at school the 20 oz bottle @ the water fountain, if necessary.

Anyways, I like LOVE to go grocery shopping.  So, whenever I find a deal on something I would normally buy or is a treat, I will stock up on it.  Found this case for $1.49 on clearance when they are normally $2.99.  King Soopers is my favorite store, especially when I find bargains like this!  I don't always find deals like this, but I like to keep the cost of their drink under $.10.  For this bargain I found, I got them for $.06/bottle.

Does anyone else do a cost analysis for their school lunches they make?

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