Monday, October 10, 2011

Easy Chocolate Fudge Truffle Candy

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Very rich & full of chocolate flavor to satisfy any chocolate craving!  Very happy to have found these.  Now, I'm able to use up the Cool Whip in my freezer from last year quickly.

12 oz package of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 tub Cool Whip
chocolate almond bark

Heat the chocolate chips on high in microwave for a minute and stir.  Then, heat again for 30 seconds and stir.  (Do not overcook.)  Add Cool Whip to the melted chocolate and whip together until smooth.  It will be very thick.

Pour into a wax paper lined 8x8 square pan and smooth out as best as possible.

Place in freezer until hardened.  It will not be rock solid.  Okay to leave in freezer for hours or until ready to work with.  Then, peel off wax paper and cut; I used scissors.  It is very easy to work with, just kinda messy on fingers some.  Cut into small bite size pieces.

Break up chocolate almond bark.  Heat on high in microwave for 1 minute and stir.  Then again, for 30 more seconds.  Do not overcook.  Mix until smooth.

With a fork, completely coat chocolate bite into hot chocolate and place on wax paper to harden.  

FYI: Do not get the almond bark wet, or it will ruin the chocolate texture.

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