Friday, February 17, 2012

Dryer Sheet Alternative

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A couple years ago when I was researching frugal laundry techniques for my laundry service, I came across a dryer sheet alternative that I was skeptical to try.  But, I tried it anyways.  It is very unusual, yet practical.  It softens my towels and eliminates static cling.  Since February 2010, I have used this every load I put in the dryer; I do over 15 loads of laundry in a week!  (That's over 1,560 loads I've washed in two years.)  Hence, I have not used my dryer sheets in over two years; ACK!!!  I still have a full opened box of these dryer sheets... untouched.

Just take a clean patch of aluminum foil, wad it up, and reuse for every load in the dryer.

No perfumes...just gets the job done!


  1. How many loads would you say you can use this for? And is it safe to use on kids clothes?

  2. Megs, I use the same one, until I loose it somewhere, when I open the dryer door. lol I have 4DS that I do laundry for; I believe it is safe for your kids.


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